This video will get me banned in Rainbow Six Siege

23 Jul 2020
3 347 616 Aufrufe

I get reported for cheating in Rainbow Six Siege a lot. But I promise, all of the clutches, one taps, aces, and wallbangs are a result of vibing and having fun in Operation Void Edge. No hacks involved. Don't ban me... unless
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    MarleyMarleyVor 9 Monate
    • I prefer the waffle mansion lol

      Robert GutwilligRobert GutwilligVor 3 Monate
    • Bruce yes

      master raidermaster raiderVor 8 Monate

      Kwame JSKwame JSVor 8 Monate
    • Sure my marlyman

      Rebecca MaddisonRebecca MaddisonVor 8 Monate
    • can it be send to south korea

      승우승우Vor 8 Monate
  • 3:56 I like that custard made a pun and didn't notice

    MitoMitoVor 2 Tage
  • How does he have the MP5 with ORYX?? WWHATTT?

    Juice WRLDJuice WRLDVor 4 Tage
  • "that iq was through the roof" yes it was

    Jake ChoudhuryJake ChoudhuryVor 5 Tage
  • We love to see it

    Christian JacksonChristian JacksonVor 9 Tage
  • 4:32 big smoke?

    DаvDаvVor 13 Tage
  • Why did you stop uploading for 2 weeks and why did you quit sige

    the Ps4 gamer 18the Ps4 gamer 18Vor 13 Tage
  • 3:53 pun intended?

    Ayy MokAyy MokVor 15 Tage
  • "That IQ was through the ROOF" ROFL legendary dad joke m8

    Gage BartlettGage BartlettVor 17 Tage
  • It’s was literally trew the roof

    Iceout RushIceout RushVor 17 Tage
  • What weapon skin is that at 10:00

    KillerasdfKillerasdfVor 22 Tage
  • 3:54 did no-one hear the unintended pun?

    KrazedsKrazedsVor 22 Tage
  • 3:54 yes, through the roof indeed

    SultioBoBSultioBoBVor 22 Tage
  • As they throw a c4 through the roof and get a kill"that IQ was through the roof

    Jimmy DongsJimmy DongsVor 23 Tage
  • Ye

    NoNoVor 24 Tage
  • “We are a strange group of gamers” Yeah that sums it up quite nicely.

    James HaberechtJames HaberechtVor 25 Tage
  • Dom going up the stairs as Oryx was hilarious

    Jessie ParkerJessie ParkerVor 27 Tage
  • If only they all knew..

    wrathizwrathizVor 28 Tage
  • marley now uploading videos marley in 10 years im to old for this

    txc_sodiumtxc_sodiumVor 29 Tage
  • get rid of cronus zen bro

    Nicholas kwandibensNicholas kwandibensVor Monat
  • “The IQ on that was through the roof” at about 3:57, and so was the c4

    Spicy FroggySpicy FroggyVor Monat
  • What's the music at 1:30?

    Hicksy0001Hicksy0001Vor Monat
  • 3.27M

    Christine PrevostChristine PrevostVor Monat
  • Imma go buy waffles

    Idkwhatthisisfor PlzhelpIdkwhatthisisfor PlzhelpVor Monat
  • 3:43 - 3:53 litteraly through the roof

    Porta GabelPorta GabelVor Monat
  • Wen is it coming more murch

    Oskar BomarkOskar BomarkVor Monat
  • The line that was through the roof couldnt be anymore literal if it tried

    halon devioushalon deviousVor Monat
  • I miss this season

    h1 y0h1 y0Vor Monat
  • He is the @Dream of siege xD

    Benjamin AebersoldBenjamin AebersoldVor Monat
  • 5:32 he sounded like the hostage. Mmmmmhhmhhmh

    Nerdy-PlayzNerdy-PlayzVor Monat
  • It took me ages to get over the pterodactyl noises

    I shid my pants on TuesdayI shid my pants on TuesdayVor Monat
  • Don and Marley act shit on each other’s channels, but they’re both actually good. Don’t know about Custard.

    Nunyu PlayzNunyu PlayzVor Monat
  • How... How do u play this well, i play every night for 4/5 hours on ps4 and i'm still a fucking silver... And i play this fucking game from when he come out

    TeZ 98TeZ 98Vor Monat
  • There’s already a waffle house

    • You need the Waffle House sign at the front door

  • Bruv, I got tower when Marley was on tower

    Tyler CaissieTyler CaissieVor Monat
  • "Ohhhhhhhh It iS a mArLeY😂😂"

    Crxzy on EUCrxzy on EUVor Monat
  • Bro Dom is so funny

    MinitezMinitezVor Monat
  • Marley should get a custom headgear for every male operator with his head on

    PxsitxvePxsitxveVor Monat
  • Make a team waffle

  • i wish i was as good as you

    Doombringer 0070Doombringer 0070Vor 2 Monate
  • Custards joke was rubbish about the iq being through the roof just like the c4

    Jude McDonnellJude McDonnellVor 2 Monate
  • Yo, I aced as gridlock 1v5 it was fricking sick. My teammates were talking trash and when I killed the last guy they shut up lol.

    Leo AlvaradoLeo AlvaradoVor 2 Monate
  • 3:55 So was the C4

    Toast DoggToast DoggVor 2 Monate
  • 3:58 get it? "Through the roof-"

    Undone HydraUndone HydraVor 2 Monate
  • ╱╱┏╮╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱ ╱╱┃┃╱╱┳╱┓┳╭┛┳ ▉━╯┗━╮┃╱┃┣┻╮┣ ▉┈┈┈┈┃┻┛┛┻╱┗┗ ▉╮┈┈┈┃▔▔▔▔▔▔ ╱╰━━━╯

    Tomas ManchaTomas ManchaVor 2 Monate
  • Bshhs

    N3ON RLN3ON RLVor 2 Monate
  • I’m

    sergeant_maquisergeant_maquiVor 2 Monate
  • I feel like I’m watching paid actors

    Sir RushalotSir RushalotVor 2 Monate
  • These videos are so good that I forget to like it.

    Esteban HechavarriaEsteban HechavarriaVor 2 Monate
  • Spicy

    Esteban HechavarriaEsteban HechavarriaVor 2 Monate
  • 3:54 (the play with the shotgun and the C4) "yeah the iq on that was through the roof!!!" get it? through the roof?

    Paddy DuffyPaddy DuffyVor 3 Monate
  • Itsa me marlyo

    Jude McDermittJude McDermittVor 3 Monate
  • “The iq on that was through the roof!” Custard. Me: yes it was custy... yes it was...

    Superbux45Superbux45Vor 3 Monate
  • In germany we say u lampe

    Nite GastNite GastVor 3 Monate
  • Yo those C4 kills hahaha

    Codie HoganCodie HoganVor 3 Monate
  • What’s the name of the camo you use at the beginning?

    TobiTobiVor 3 Monate
  • 5:32 Marley: Dont Die To Him Mate. Custard: No I’m Not Gonna Die Mate. *C4 Blows Up* Custard: ÆÜËÅ

    Raidz DarkRaidz DarkVor 3 Monate
  • I just wish I could be a part of a team like this, that could just have fun with this game and not take it all too serious XD

    Sharkbait1986Sharkbait1986Vor 3 Monate
  • 3:45 accidental pun incoming.

    ClulessClulessVor 3 Monate
  • Funny how a whole bunch of you tubers I watch are either Canadian, Australian, or British even though I’m American.

    Nina TitovichNina TitovichVor 3 Monate
  • I feel bad for custard cos he only gets 4K

    Harry QuantrillHarry QuantrillVor 3 Monate
  • At 4 Mil Marley face reveal

    XxGodsteinxXXxGodsteinxXVor 3 Monate
  • Banned yet???

    zzzzzzVor 3 Monate
  • What’s the song at 2:36

    Polar bear BallsLsPolar bear BallsLsVor 3 Monate
  • Who is an og and knows his old name His old DEhave name was meaty Marley

    Luc ArteagaLuc ArteagaVor 3 Monate
  • love youuuu

    Mike tsampikMike tsampikVor 3 Monate
  • 3:55 no you did not just say that lol

    QU0B3N 9999QU0B3N 9999Vor 3 Monate
  • The Ace of the month

    OGRiveraOGRiveraVor 4 Monate
  • "I cant even ace in front of myself" i died from laughter with this one:D can relate to this:D

    DesertGDesertGVor 4 Monate
  • 2:30 i swear he is persian if he can speak english with that accent

    Ali AbbasiAli AbbasiVor 4 Monate
  • 3:55 they didn’t even notice the pun

    KilnOnXboxKilnOnXboxVor 4 Monate
  • 4:00 “yeah the iq on that was through the roof!” Lmao the pun game on custard mate 😂

  • when the hell did Oryx get a MP5

    BoboBoboVor 4 Monate
  • Incorrect

    Joseph StalinJoseph StalinVor 4 Monate
  • How has Marley not signed up for a tournament or team

    Day Dr3amer_YTDay Dr3amer_YTVor 4 Monate
  • Does anyone else realize that Custard said that the IQ was "Threw the roof" and Marley threw the C4 through the roof

    Sc0ut 2021Sc0ut 2021Vor 4 Monate
  • the iq on that was thru the roof. KILL ME

    can0liecan0lieVor 4 Monate
  • 9:51 He cant even put it in

    Arif Ramen noodlesArif Ramen noodlesVor 4 Monate
  • I swear 8 is doms fav number

    Spud_Mac318Spud_Mac318Vor 4 Monate
  • "the iq on that was THROUGH THE ROOF"

    Phill RossiterPhill RossiterVor 4 Monate
  • Custard the iq on that was through the roof literally custard 2020

    Hunter KellerHunter KellerVor 4 Monate
  • Nobody is going to talk about how custard said “the iq was through the roof”

    SlyconeSlyconeVor 4 Monate
  • 3:54 I like how Custerd said that went thro the roof and it did

    Trapper DBDTrapper DBDVor 4 Monate
  • U hit three mil this year ubi should give u all the new ops for free when they come out

    JokerJokerVor 4 Monate
  • 0:31 the name of ela is a arabic word and it means ( I Love U )

    جاسم الخفاجيجاسم الخفاجيVor 4 Monate
  • Mate face show

    jester makejester makeVor 5 Monate
  • Lmfaooooooo 'the iq on that was through the roof'

    l-Apex Panther-ll-Apex Panther-lVor 5 Monate
  • "the iq on that was through the roof" quite literally

    Daniel PeelDaniel PeelVor 5 Monate
  • 3:55 anyone actually get custards pun?

    TeetusTeetusVor 5 Monate
  • The oq was through the roof literary

    Elijah MarreroElijah MarreroVor 5 Monate
  • This is how many people also played s.I. Event and didn’t get the skin 👇

    DJ MoneycatDJ MoneycatVor 5 Monate
  • The Waffle House

    Christopher IsaacChristopher IsaacVor 5 Monate
  • Is custard American or British?

  • Does Dom and custard know what you look like

    Zo0m officialZo0m officialVor 5 Monate
  • 3:48 “the IQ was through the roof get it?

    Brodie RidgewayBrodie RidgewayVor 5 Monate
  • 3:17 Custards voice crack

    BallPythonsAreCoolBallPythonsAreCoolVor 5 Monate
  • Hey Marly can you play Fortnite videos please

    Ethan OlkkonenEthan OlkkonenVor 5 Monate
  • Hey Marley in your next vid can u shout out my channel

    Gravity brxnzeGravity brxnzeVor 5 Monate
  • Bruh he uses suppressor for mp5 ewwww

    Rafa GabrielRafa GabrielVor 5 Monate
  • 3:44 you could say that c4 was your iq, it went through the roof :)

    ToromomoToromomoVor 5 Monate